These Expensive Prizes Could Be All Yours When Voting For The “Kingdom” Groups In Korea

The finale of Mnet‘s competition show Kingdom is getting closer and closer, and the excitement is getting real.

For the final round, fans from all over the world can cast real-time votes to determine the new “king” of K-Pop. International fans will vote on the Whosfan app, while domestic fans will vote via text.

As is tradition for real-time text votes, some groups’ fans have decided to launch an array of amazing and expensive prize events to get as many people to vote for their groups as possible!



A few of the selections: Swarovski earrings, Airpods, a Kodak camera, a Subway gift card, multiple different Starbucks sets, Baskin Robbins ice cream, a pillow, and many more.

(This photo has been cropped.)

2. iKON

(This image has been cropped.)

A few of the selections: an iPad, an espresso maker, a gold bar, fried chicken, Baskin Robbins ice cream, assorted coffees, lip balm, and much more.


3. The Boyz


A few of the selections: a Macbook Air laptop, a hairdryer, fried chicken, an iPad, bubble tea, an Olive Young gift card, chocolate bars, and more.

(This image has been cropped.)

4. Stray Kids

(This image has been cropped.)

A few of the selections: an iPhone, a hair curler, a Nintendo Switch, pizza, bubble tea, Baskin Robbins ice cream, and more.

How excited are you for the finale?

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