MAMAMOO’s Wheein Will Reportedly Leave RBW After Deciding Not To Renew Her Contract

Mamamoo‘s Wheein will reportedly be leaving RBW after she decided not to renew her contract with the agency.


According to an exclusive report from Sports Kyunghyang, Wheein recently decided not to renew her contract with RBW, instead opting for an amicable parting with the agency. However, even though she decided to leave RBW, she will continue to stay as a member of MAMAMOO and participate in the group activities following a series of discussions with RBW.

News of Wheein’s free agent status has sent waves throughout the entertainment industry, as she has received many offers from agencies to join them. With her versatile skills in not only singing various genres of music, but also in entertainment, there is a spotlight over Wheein’s head, with many careful eyes watching which agency she decides to sign with next.

RBW has since commented on Wheein’s contract status, saying nothing is confirmed yet.

No decision has been officially made yet regarding Wheein’s contract renewals. It is still under final discussion.

We will officially announce the result when a decision is made.


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