GOT7’s Youngjae Reveals What It Was Really Like To Be Kimchi-Slapped By (G)I-DLE’s Minnie In K-Drama “So Not Worth It”

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently held a live broadcast. He prepared and ate ramen while talking with Ahgases and answering their questions.

youngjae food
GOT7’s Youngjae cooking on VLIVE | 영재 (YOUNGJAE)/VLIVE

With all of the delicious ingredients surrounding him, including kimchi, one couldn’t help but think of the iconic kimchi-slap scene from Youngjae’s upcoming K-Drama So Not Worth It (also known as I Hope the Earth Collapses Tomorrow) on Netflix. The sitcom focuses on a group of multicultural students living in a dormitory in Seoul.

so not worth it
| Netflix Korea

In one of the trailers, (G)I-DLE Minnie‘s character slaps Youngjae’s character with kimchi. Unsurprisingly, the clip went viral, “kimchi slap” trended online, and many memes were created.

| Netflix Korea

When he saw a viewer commenting about a “kimchi slap in the face,” he started to laugh. He picked up his packaged kimchi, waving it around, saying, “You wouldn’t know how it feels…”


Youngjae explained that thankfully he didn’t have to endure much suffering for long as they filmed it in just one take! He added, however, that he was determined to shoot it only once because so much had to be taken into account for them to have to reshoot.

I did it at one take. I was worried if I need to do it several times. And… We couldn’t do it repeatedly. The sun was setting down. I had to change my clothes and had my makeup done again. If we fail, we have to do it again on the next day. So, I made up my mind, ‘I will get this done at once take.’

— Youngjae


He did confess that he has seen some of the memes created from the kimchi slap! He admitted too that he had already been very self-aware of his facial expressions for the shot.

The kimchi slap… You know, there are some memes about it. It’s so funny. I was worried if I smile or laugh when I got the slap. I thought ‘I should not laugh!’ However, as soon as I got the slap, I looked like this…

— Youngjae


Of course, the smell of homemade kimchi puts one in mind of their mother, and it certainly did for Youngjae. He said that he thought of his mom and began to miss her before delivering a message, saying, “Mom, I’m doing my best.”

The kimchi smell’s positive connotations soon vanished as its stench lingered. No matter what Youngjae did, it seemed like he would smell like a fish forever!

My hair smelled like fish sauce in kimchi. I could smell it from my ear, all along the way home. I washed and changed my clothes. I guess some kimchi seasoning was left in my ear. It felt like kimchi’s fish sauce is flowing out of it. It smelled so bad. When I was home, I washed my ears thoroughly.

— Youngjae


Youngjae teasingly asked the fan if they would get a kimchi slap in the face. He said that while it certainly doesn’t feel pleasant getting it, it’s really the smell that’s the worst!

kimchi slap
Youngjae and Minnie in So Not Worth It | Netflix Korea

So Not Worth It will be released exclusively on Netflix on June 18! For more information, check out the article below:

New Netflix Sitcom Starring GOT7’s Youngjae and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie Is So Worth The Excitement

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