GFRIEND’s Umji Hilariously Apologizes To Her Cousin After She Denied His Existence Publicly

GFRIEND‘s Umji recently held a Q&A on her Instagram. Through the session, fans got to know more about their favorite star. However, one particular question caught the eye of both Umji and her fans.

Someone had sent in a question claiming to love and miss her loads while introducing themselves as “Lee Seok Woo who lives in Ulsan, and is Umji’s cousin“. Umji had the sweetest response.

It’s nice to meet you. I miss you too and I’m thankful. However, in my life, I’ve never met a Lee Seok Woo before. I’m someone who memorizes my cousins names really well. Anyway, Lee Seok Woo who lives in Ulsan, please be healthy! Haha.

— Umji

| @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

However, just a few moments later, Umji updated her stories with another post. It seems that she had asked her parents about the matter, as she revealed to fans that her mother had indeed confirmed she had a cousin called Lee Seok Woo.

Ah… I’m so sorry, Mr. Seok Woo who lives in Ulsan… I heard that you are my mom’s uncle’s son. She said that you are a really kind, hardworking and good person. Although we’ve never met, I heard that you were always cheering me on from afar. As my mother had complimented you with such fervor, I just heard about your beautiful marriage story as well. I’m sorry to Buddies and Mr. Seok Woo. Please benevolently overlook my carelessless. I wish you, your wife and son a happy life as a family.

— Umji

| @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

It was adorable how she even included a small image of two hands clasped in prayer along with a sigh.

Ha….. I’m such a babo.

— Umji

| @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

Well, as Seok Woo seems to be her first cousin once removed (the son of her granduncle), it’s possible that she wouldn’t have known him!

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