BTS’s Jin Reveals If He Thinks His Looks Overshadow His Talents

BTS‘s Jin is beloved for many things, such as his handsome visuals and incredible talents.

BTS’s Jin

In a recent interview, E NOW‘s Sakshma Srivastav shared that she watched many BTS performances when researching Jin. She noticed that “90%” of the comments about Jin were about his looks. Sakshma Srivastav then asked Jin if he thinks his looks sometimes overshadow his incredible talents.


Jin shared that he doesn’t think his looks overshadow his singing and believes that this attention is a plus.

I don’t think my looks overshadow my singing. Looking good; it’s actually a plus factor, not a minus.

— Jin


Jin also threw some humor into his answer and said that the attention his visuals receive is “like adding decoration on delicious food.”

Of course, looks could distract you a little, but I think it’s an additional factor and not something that takes away from something. It’s like adding decoration on delicious food.

— Jin


Jin’s humorful statement caused laughter!


Sakshma Srivastav laughed and praised Jin’s “interesting” and “well-said” answer!


Here’s the full video below!

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