SM “Songchi prosecutors suing dissemination of false facts related to Chanyeol → Prosecution opinion” (Official position)

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Chanyeol Distributor of False Facts Prosecution Prosecution Opinion Prosecutor Song Chi Photo = DBWhile EXO Chanyeol sued the spreaders of false facts, the police sent it to the prosecution with the opinion of the prosecution.

SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM) announced to MBN Star on the afternoon of the 17th, "We have sued those who spread false facts related to Chanyeol, and we know that the police have specified the accused and sent it to the prosecution with the opinion of the prosecution."

He added, "It is one of the complaints about infringement of artist rights that we are constantly responding to."

In addition, he explained, “We are taking legal action against illegal acts such as dissemination of false facts and insults against our artists as well as Chanyeol.”

Earlier, in October of last year, Chanyeol was caught up in controversy over the revelations related to his personal life.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol is currently serving active duty after enlisting in the military.

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