BTS Was Once Asked Which Member They Go To When They’re Dealing With Problems, Here’s How They Responded

The BTS members love each other like family, and their heartwarming bond was displayed in an interview with CNN Indonesia.


In the interview, the members were asked, “If you’re experiencing a difficult situation, which member do you talk to about it?

| BangtanSubs/Dailymotion

The members initially answered by saying that they usually talk to their leader, RM.

| BangtanSubs/Dailymotion

However, the members then shared that rather than talking to just RM, they will talk to each other if there’s a problem.

| BangtanSubs/Dailymotion

The members will gather together in a room, talk with each other about the problem, and try their best to resolve it.

| BangtanSubs/Dailymotion

Here’s the full video below!

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