BTS V’s New Perm Hairstyle Just Earned Him The Cutest Nickname

During BTS‘s latest press conference for their new single, “Butter,” the members emerged in their new looks for the comeback with fresh hairstyles and colors.

| Big Hit Music

However, V’s look in particular caught fans’ attention — and even earned him a new nickname!

| Big Hit Music
| Big Hit Music

With his new perm, V resembles a fluffy puppy and was given the name “Vchon” (V and Bichon) by fans!

| Big Hit Music

When comparing him to a small, curly-haired dog…

…the resemblance is uncanny!

During the press conference, V noted that his new hairstyle fit him since he’s “in charge of cuteness.”

ARMYs would say that description is spot-on!


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