Author Paulo Coelho Is An Unbothered King For Losing Followers To Support BTS

Famous author Paulo Coelho, known for the international bestseller The Alchemist, previously showed his support for BTS by sending signed copies of his book Hippie to all of the members.

The Brazilian author has once again shown how much he respects the group by recently revealing that he lost followers from supporting them.

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To celebrate how well-received BTS’s music video for “Butter” was in twenty-four hours, Paulo Coelho congratulated the group on their achievement. Not too long after, he revealed some unfortunate news.

paulo coelho
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Less than thirty minutes later, Paulo Coelho admitted that he’d lost “a lot of followers” after mentioning BTS. Rather than be upset, he brushed it off and explained why he admired them, “The boys overcame so many difficult moments, prejudices, etc., and THEY WON!

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When a fan asked Paul Coelho if he was bothered by the big dip in followers, he was the perfect example of unbothered. The author tweeted, “I am not worried AT ALL.

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Paulo Coelho proved he was indeed part of BTS’s fearless ARMY by sticking to his beliefs and the group.

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