Here’s Exactly What The Apink Members Eat To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

The members of Apink are known for their slim physiques.

Many of them have achieved their slender figures through healthy dieting.

They once released their diet menu to the public — and it’s not like most K-Pop idols’ fad diets.

Breakfast consists of a bowl of brown rice and 100g of chicken breast. For sides, they get 50g of spinach and white kimchi. In addition, they get 10 cherry tomatoes and an apple.


Next, lunch gets its main energy source from 200g of sweet potato and 100g of chicken breast. For sides, they get 100g of broccoli, half an apple, and 10 more cherry tomatoes.


Dinner can be easily predicted: A sweet potato and 100g of chicken breast. In addition, they get 200g of broccoli and 10 cherry tomatoes.


The snacks they eat throughout the day include a banana and a handful of almonds (around 14 or so).


Overall, the meal plan is much more filling than many other popular idol diet plans and amounts to over 1400 calories. However, this plan is customized for the members and may not be suitable for everyone.


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