BLACKPINK’s Lisa Couldn’t Help But Cry As She Revealed Her Late Grandfather Passed Away On Her Birthday

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa couldn’t stop crying when she talked about her late grandfather on iQIYI‘s Youth With You 3.

lisa sad

She gave words of comfort to trainee Liu Jun who had found out that his father passed away before the concept evaluation performance.

The morning I was assigned to the team, I was told my dad passed away. So the last one he knew I’d perform, I wanted to do my best. I should’ve been with him, not wasting my time here.

— Liu Jun

liu jun best

After Liu Jun auditioned to be in Lisa’s team for the mentor collaboration stage, she extended her condolences and revealed that she, too, went through something similar.

I know how you feel right now. You’re like a warrior. I can see you work really hard. And you’re tough.

— Lisa

lisa hard work

She revealed that her grandfather passed away on March 27, her 24th birthday. Unfortunately, she couldn’t attend the funeral or be with him during his last few days. In fact, the last time she saw him was when BLACKPINK had a tour in her home country.

What I have to say is, on my last birthday a few weeks ago, my grandfather, he passed away that day. I haven’t seen him for two years. I was touring in Thailand and he came for my concert.

— Lisa

lisa backstage2
Lisa with her grandparents after BLACKPINK’s encore stage in Thailand | @lisanations_/Instagram
lisa backstage
Lisa with her grandparents after BLACKPINK’s encore stage in Thailand | @lisanations_/Instagram

Lisa couldn’t keep her tears at bay as she expressed her regret at not being able to spend more time with her grandfather.

I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to him. But I know he’ll always be with me. So I believe your dad will be the same as well.

— Lisa

lisa bye

Liu Jun appreciated her words of support, telling her that he’ll continue to work hard for his own father’s sake.

I also believe he’ll be with me. Actually my motivations have always been to make my family proud of me. So I’ll do my best because I’ve gone this far. So I will stick with it until the end.

— Liu Jun

liu jun

Lisa ended with heartfelt words of encouragement, “Let’s do this for our family.”

lisa support

Condolences to both Lisa and Liu Jun.


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