Park Eun Seok Confesses To His Wrongdoing Following Animal Hoarding Controversy photocards

Park Eun Seok was recently hit with an animal hoarding controversy when netizens questioned where his past pets went following his appearance on MBC‘s I Live Alone with his new dog, Molly.

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It was revealed by fans and those around him that he has had quite a few pets in his life, which are now nowhere to be seen.

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And while it was clarified by Park Eun Seok’s agency as well as his cousin that due to unforeseen circumstances, the animals were passed on to family and friends, the criticisms against his “abandonment” animals continued.

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“I Live Alone” | MBC

Following various clarifications, Park Eun Seok took to his Instagram to apologize for the trouble his actions have caused.

Hello, this is Park Eun Seok. Before I say anything else, I’d like to sincerely apologize for causing trouble during this difficult time rather than doing anything to help.

— Park Eun Seok

He then went on to admit that he does not deny the dissolution of the adoption of his pets.

I don’t want to deny the dissolution of the adoption of my pets. It’s wrong not to take responsibility for an animal’s entire life. I acknowledge that I made a mistake. And I’m reflecting upon my actions. Because my mindset about pets need to change for others to learn. I don’t want to make excuses.

— Park Eun Seok

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Park Eun Seok thanked his family and friends for posting updates about how well his former pets are doing while stressing that he failed to be responsible.

Thankfully, my family and friends posted about how well the animals are doing now. I thought I was living responsibly, but that was a selfish perception that only applied to myself.

— Park Eun Seok

He concluded by thanking those who enlightened him and promising to do better in the years to come.

I learned from this, so thank you to those who enlightened me. I’ll try to do better from now on so that I can show a better version of myself.

— Park Eun Seok

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